Friday, January 14, 2011

From Nazi slave labor to slave labor in a 'democracy' called the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY – a historical continuance ?

ZWANGSARBEIT in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ?

From our Australian correspondent, Martin Mitchell, a former child slave laborer not during the war but in West Germany in the 1960s in the lucrative evangelical-lutheran Bethel subsidiary FREISTATT, a peat harvesting and manufacturing enterprise of the Protestant Church in a peat bog in Lower Saxony ( "Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland" ).

Germany 1933-1945 –
forced labor in the whole country and later on on all its occupied territories as well.

And even after the war – a war that they had lost – the German ruling classes said to themselves: "When you are
on a good wicket, stick to it."

that they systematically put into practice on a grand scale for another 30-40 years after 1945: forced labor of boys and girls – their own – all 'wards of the state' in approximately 3500 so-called 'reformatory institutions', 80% managed by the two major churches ( catholic and protestant alike ) and 20% by the state itself, with agricultural businesses and industry as their major partners ( including major international and multinational firms ).

That they have done
exactly that is evidenced by detailed information in many of their own archives and is not even being denied any more by the perpetrators and their legal successors.

The fact that
all this happened in West Germany in breach of its own constitution ( since 1949 a so-called 'democracy' ) and in breach of the European Union Treaty and International Law did not bother the Germans nor anybody else one iota, least of all the churches.

And even though these
crimes against humanity and human rights abuses by church and state and big business alike – all perpetrated during peace time mind you – has become more widely known since 2003, they, the perpetrators and their legal successors, have no shame at all and simply and consistently continue to refuse to make proper amends to all their victims who are still alive and who today live mostly in poverty and ill health due to their childhood trauma and the abuse they have suffered at the hands of these perpetrators who call themselves "Christians" and "Christian Democrats" in the main.

Will Germany be allowed to
get away with it once again ?

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